The Red Ribbon November 27 2016, 0 Comments

In 1991, twelve artists got together to discuss a project that would get people talking about HIV and AIDS. Their purpose was to bring about awareness about this silent disease tat was much wider spread than just the gay community.  This was ten years after the emergence of HIV as a dangerous and stigmatized syndrome, affecting millions who were suffering behind closed doors. 

Inspired by the yellow ribbons tied on trees to support the US military who were fighting in the Gulf War, the group chose to design the bold, red ribbon that is worn today, symbolising a passion and a heart of love. The shape was easy for anyone to make and wear.  Within weeks of the red ribbon appearing, world-famous actors started wearing it at high-profile award ceremonies such as the Oscars and it was a short step from there until it was universally recognized as the symbol of sympathy and support of those living with AIDS.

You can join the high society and the humble by wearing your red ribbon now.   Why not get your ceramic ribbons and lapel badges and show your support for greater awareness, this World AIDS day, the 1st of December.