The Majestic Eagle Trophy April 26 2018, 0 Comments

An EAGLE is a formidable hunter, an aviator with exceptional eyesight and a caring parent all in one.   This flying machine reaches the heights on invisible thermals of rising air, virtually without beating a wing.   Masters of the heavens, from which eagles swooped while men wondered how he may gain a pair of wings. 

Conquering the mystery of flight has fascinated earth-bound humans for millennia.  

In mythological ancient Greece, the devastating story is told of Icarus and Daedalus who donned feathers, held together with wax.   They soared and swooped and appeared as gods to the mortals below.  All was well for a while before hubris got the better of them.   Too close to the sun, the wax melted and they return to earth, unceremoniously, with a thud!

Apart from the danger of disintegrating wings, man does not have the anatomical structure to support wings large enough for flight and his bones are far too heavy.  The eagle remains king of the air.

Eventually, at the dawning of the age of Renaissance, myth gave way to physics as da Vinci dreamed about a flying machine.   He had observed the birds, wondering how he could join them and designed a bird-like apparatus that he hoped would help humans fly.  These machines had wings and a tail for balance.  Da Vinci hoped that a man would be strong enough to operate the levers that moved the wings.  Whether it ever flew as intended is unlikely but at least there was some physics applied to his design instead of just wax and feathers.

The eagle continued to dominate but the brothers Wright were not daunted.  Two American engineers, inventors and aviator pioneers managed to bring their dream of being buoyed up as if weightless.  On Dec 17, 1903  over Kitty Hawk North Carolina, Orville Wright sustained 12 seconds of flight in man’s first powered aircraft, while Wilbur looked on.

Many had taken to the air before the Wright brother’s famous Kitty Hawk flight.  Some floated in hot-aired balloons, other losing their lives in reckless attempts to beat gravity.  Such was the desire to be like the eagle.

What is it about the eagle that makes it such a master of the air?

An eagle has a relatively large wingspan and a very developed musculature, sufficient to move these impressive wings for liftoff.  With its refined anatomy, it can negotiate the winds and thermals for a sustained length of time.   Their strength and conservation of energy allow for many hours of flight without perching. 

At height, eagles need to be able to see well.  Their eyesight is among the strongest within the animal kingdom, roughly the same size as that of a human but up to eight times acuter.   They have a ‘telephoto’ ability, allowing them to spot small rodents on the ground from great heights.   And when they hunt, they appear with stealth, with devastating speed and scoop up their meal in claws of power, sufficient to crush their victims before dismembering them for food.

Such is the magnificence of an eagle.  And such is the magnificence of the Eagle Trophy which embodies the grandeur of a creature that is a leader in the air, a predator of the earth and a dweller of cliffs. 

The eagle trophy is symbolic of reaching great heights and representative of excellence in execution.   Skilful and merciless in achieving its goal, the eagle remains an icon of celebration, ideal for your awards.   This is why the majestic eagle is a trophy of choice for recognising great achievements, whatever your endeavour.  (Available in Silver or Gold)