The Recognition Minute

Clever Boys Take the Trophy May 18 2017, 0 Comments

The beautiful game was taken to new heights last night when Bidvest Wits made their debut by winning their first Premiership title in the club’s history.  Goals from James Keene and Daine Klate no doubt swelled Gavin Hunt’s pride in his clever boys. 

It was a long, tough fight.  They stumbled in December by moving sideways with four draws.  In good form and spirit, Hunt’s never-say die attitude caught on.  Fortuitously assisted by a draw between Maritzburg United and Mamelodi Sundowns, they pulled through and raised the trophy on a convincing win of two goals to nil. 

By all accounts, this won’t be the last time that awards and accolades will be seen by this club.  A win at this stage is a great confidence booster.  Fitness is one thing and the lack of it can be a barrier to the sight of any trophy.  But the corporate psychy plays a very important role and that battle is won, for now.

We are proud to have shared in the success of the Absa PSL as designers and manufacturers of the custom-made Man of the Match trophy using 3D technology and our in-house skilled designers and skilled technicians.   A truly South African design, made by South Africans for a South African team.  We congratulate you and acknowledge Absa as sponsor, without who’s help, these beautiful events would not be possible.

Netball April 04 2017, 0 Comments

Netball is a fast, exciting, true team sport that involves throwing, running, jumping and catching.

Netball may be considered similar to basketball but how similar is a matter worth noting.  Some differences are found in the equipment and number of players in the team.  Dribbling is not allowed, no running with the ball; 7 players per team; ball must be passed in 3 seconds; ball and basket are slightly smaller; there is no backboard; players are designated to certain areas of the court.  Netball also has similarities to European handball, korfball and ultimate frisbee.

Traditionally, in South African schools, netball was the winter sport reserved mainly for girls.  While boys played rugby or soccer, the girls tackled netball.  Unlike Rugby, Netball is not a contact sport.  Players play the ball, strictly, and not the man.  But strength and fitness are key, as with most sports that require physical exertion.

Recognition is given in the form of trophies and medals, which are awarded to players and teams alike. Now is the time to think about what your trophies will look like.

Trophies come in many shapes and sizes, traditional and unique.  Custom trophies can be designed from the base up, so to speak, in a choice of many different materials.  Materials frequently chosen are acrylic (Perspex), aluminium and wood.  So don’t confine your thinking to a cup or a statuette if you are looking for something a little different.  There is so much more to make netball special this season!

Have a look here:

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