About Us

Company Registration:  008325/07  
Designer, manufacturer, importer and supplier of a wide range of trophies, medals, certificates, name badges and signage, nationally.
Prestige Awards began in 1983 as a badge-making foundry.  Thirty-five years later, we are associated with more than 3000 schools and numerous well-known corporates and marketing organizations.  
Currently, our BEE Status is Level 4 (100%).
In addition to the selling of trophies and medals, we design and manufacture custom-made trophies using 3D printing proto-typing, laser-enabled branding, sandblasting, vinyl printing, UV-cured printing and engraving as well as the essentials of carpentry, molding and acrylic work.   In addition, our portfolio consists of custom-made badges and lapel pins.
This all makes Prestige Awards one of the most versatile companies in the awards arena.
All verification documents required are available.  Email Jenny: