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GIFTS FOR YOUR VALENTINE February 10 2017, 0 Comments

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
Prestige has gifts just right for for you

Gifts for your love on Valentines day are going to be a must. In America alone, it is estimated that 145 million Valentines cards are sent over this period.  This excludes many that will be sent digitally.  About 224 Million roses are grown in the USA, red ones, just for Valentines day.  These are amazing statistics when you think about the industry and the impact it has on services and people.

The highest amount spent on gifts is $4.4 Billion on silver, gold and diamonds, mainly in the form of jewelry.  So, have you thought of your gifts yet?

Prestige Awards is in the business of awards, rewards and gifts.  We have ideal gifts for you, which are available on line or from our showroom in Ferndale, Randburg.  Walk in at 427 York Ave or phone us on 011 781 0833.  So, while Valentines Day is on your mind this weekend, pay a visit to and be on time with your gift.

WHAT DO LOVE AND TENNIS HAVE IN COMMON? February 08 2017, 0 Comments

Ever wondered about how tennis is scored? Unlike most other sports, where point is worth one point and no more, tennis is different. You could be excused for being confused because it has a scoring system all of its own.

At the beginning of the game, when both sides have no score, the game is love-love meaning nil-nil. To win a game, you need to score above 40. That sounds like it could take a long time but not to worry. Your first point will score you 15, your next, 30 and the next point will give you the 40. One more point and you’ve won that game. But no one asks the value of that one more point. It is just a win. Don’t ask why but no one ever scores 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in tennis.

In professional tennis, there may be no love lost between the competing players. Trophies are won through hard work. They are never won with love. This is because love actually means nothing in tennis. Literally nil. So, if the score is 40-love, someone has scored nothing and is not likely to see an award. One more point to top 40 and the game is won and medals and trophies can be awarded. It is a love match.

There are a number of suggestions as to where the affectionate name of the love score came from. One such theory is that it is derived from the French word l’oeuf, meaning an egg. I guess it is because of the shape of the egg which is broadly oval, and looks like a zero on the scoreboard. If that is so, we could find ourselves calling 40-egg! Rather not, let’s just stick to love, which is particularly appropriate in February.

But, if you are not offering love in a game of tennis, perhaps you would like to pick a Valentine’s gift from our range at   Buy on line or mail us directly from the website. It could make you a winner in someone’s eyes. Game, set, match!