Raise a glass to crystal! May 16 2018, 0 Comments

The trophy has been a symbol of success for many a century.    From Roman times, when an athlete received a simple wreath to 2018 where achievement is recognized in many fields beyond the arena, including commercial success.

A traditional wreath may look great on an athlete but for the corporate achiever, there is crystal.

On first viewing crystal, you could be forgiven for thinking it was just glass.  You would be pleasantly mistaken to find out that there are a number of differences that make crystal superior to glass, especially when it comes to awards.

Crystal is made in a similar way to glass, using different concentrations of the various components such as silica and lead oxide.  Glass is often slightly green when viewed from an oblique angle, which is caused by the added iron oxide.   Crystal also has different refractive properties to glass which gives it greater clarity and sparkle.

Lead oxide is added to crystal that brings about lovely clarity with no colour tinge.   It appears ‘whiter’ than glass. 

The beauty of crystal trophies is enhanced by including facets in their design.  Similar to a beautifully cut diamond, the crystal appears flawless and pristine and is a magnificent way to signal success in anyone’s eyes.

In keeping with any smart occasion, the crystal can be branded succinctly using sandblasting techniques to create identifiable logos and complimentary text. 

Sandblasting, as the name suggests, is a method of blasting fine sand-like particles against the masked surface.  All exposed areas develop a frosted appearance as the sand is used as a controlled abrasive to ‘sands’ the smooth crystal surface to the desired effect.    

In addition to sandblasting, a brass or silver plaque may be attached to the trophy.  This makes crystals versatile in their application and an excellent option for corporate awards.

Crystal trophies are available in a number of shapes and sizes, each with their own peculiar characteristics.  But whatever shape or size, you won’t be disappointed with a beautifully branded crystal trophy.   And neither will those who receive such a prestigious award.