Ordering badges - painless and simple April 17 2018, 0 Comments

Who would have thought that ordering a badge could be complicated? 

It’s not quite as simple as it may first appear but that is why we are here to help you.

There are a couple of considerations when ordering a badge.  These include size, shape, materials, and colours?  Will it be engraved or printed and what should the “finish” be?  Oh, one more thing:  How heavy can it be and how will you fasten the badge to your clothing?

Let’s start with the size.

When deciding on what size a badge should be, there is no end to your options because you decide.  However, there are some important considerations.  Firstly, where will you be wearing your badge?

A name badge is typically worn on the chest, on clothing or on a lapel.  Usually, they are worn on the left side as most people are right-handed.  But, think of this.  When do we wear a name badge?  Usually when we are among people who may not know us.  Right-handed people will offer their right hand when introducing themselves.  Wearing the badge on the right-hand side, not the left, would make it more visible, which is the whole point.  So there is no right and wrong side these days.  Wear it where you are most comfortable and where you think it will be noticed.

How big should your badge be?  Again, that depends on you.  If you are in the process of designing a badge, think about this: 

  1. Is it just a name or should there be a logo or pattern as well?
  2. What shape should it be?
  3. How many badges with differing names?
  4. Is there more information that needs to appear on the badge, such as a title or a strapline?
  5. How heavy should it be?
  6. Should it have a brooch pin or a magnet at the back to secure it to your clothing?

Let’s start the name and/or logo

A logo or company name is often an important part of your identity so it should be recognisable.  Where a logo must appear on the badge, make sufficient provision so that all the necessary elements of the logo are visible.  If the logo is elongated and contains wording, will it be legible or should it rather be rendered in an acceptable abridged form, more suitable for a small format.

Why is it important to know how many badges are required and what size they should be?

The number of badges is not as important as the number of different names that you may want on individual badges.  Your name might be Jo Smith.  But what about the person in your team who is called Matthew Murray-Smith.  Clearly, the size of the badge must accommodate both names and be legible.  As a rule, the size of the badge would be determined by the longest name, especially if you want consistency of design.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to accommodate every name.  Fortunately, in our modern world, most people have resorted to using first names only.  However, when it is not possible to fit everything on the badge, you can always reduce the font size as an exception.

What about shape?

One way of differentiating oneself is with a badge that is cut to a unique shape.  This may be used to good effect to accentuate a logo or corporate identity.  Whether the badge is made from brass, aluminium or ABS, we can cut them to the shape you want.  No need to be one of a crown when you can be one in a million

How much information is needed on a badge?

Because the badge is about you, you can decide.  A first name, a last name and initials, both names, name and title or just a logo?  What about the corporate logo?

Remember that the space on the badge is limited to it’s size and shape.  Where the organization’s logo and name has to appear on the name badges, consider making them a little wider.  It is fully customizable and our sales agents at Prestige Awards will be able to assist you in making these choices.

Talking of information

Names and logos can either be printed or engraved.  Printing allows for full-colour rendering and is highly suited to logos, multi-coloured graphic and graded colouring.

Engraved badges are more traditional.  The metal is deep-engraved and filled with a coloured paint, giving the engraving a bold contrast to the background – gold (brass) or silver (aluminium).

Both printed and engraved badges are domed with a durable resin.

How much does a badge weigh?

The bigger the badge, the heavier it will be.  And of course, the choice of material is significant when considering the weight of a badge.  But we can help here, too.

Most badges are made from a combination of materials.  The backing is usually made from ABS (plastic), brass or aluminium.  In addition to the backing, vinyl, resin and inks are used in the construction of a badge  (There are a number of other materials including tin-like alloys, engravable plastics and even wood.)

ABS is possibly the lightest commonly used material, then aluminium, then brass.  If a badge is to be worn on a thin cotton or other light-weight cloth, then ABS may be most suitable.  Where the badge will be worn on a blazer, an overall or heaver material, a brass backing would be no problem.

Brooch pin or magnet?

Traditionally, all badges were pinned to the clothing.  This was either in the form of brooch pin, suitable for an elongated badge or a stick pin and clutch (butterfly clasp), more suitable for smaller badges and lapel pins.

The alternative to pins are magnets.  Magnets are preferred by some because they are easier to use –no fiddling with small pins.  They do not make holes in the garment and can easily be repositioned.  Magnets mage be more suitable for heavier badges but their convenience make them popular all round.

So you need a badge.  What do you do?

That is why we are here.

As a starting point, decide on all the names that should appear on the badges and what colour the badge will be.  Remember that a badge is like a personal sign so colour is important to think about as the name has to stand out.  Therefore, there should be sufficient contrast between the name and the background.  Black is a popular colour for the name which works well unless it is set against a dark blue or dark grey background.  White or yellow would be more suitable.  However, if you are bound by corporate identity policy, that will have to be taken into account.

So, all you need to do is send the list of name to Prestige Awards (sales@prestigeawards.co.za) and any artwork that you have.  Specify the size, shape, materials and whether you prefer pin or clasp.  What could be simpler?  Or, if you prefer, we are at the end of a telephone (011) 781 0833.

How long will it take to make my badges?

Always a good question.  The most accurate answer would be ‘it depends’.  However, we know that you want your order as soon as possible.  So, on what does it depend?

Once you have received your quote and wish to order, return the quote as soon as possible.  If you have not supplied artwork, that needs to reach us in order to begin manufacturing.  If we have to make some changes to the artwork for you, you will need to check and approve the changes first.  Then it is A for Away!