Imagine if HIV knowledge spread faster than the disease October 26 2017, 0 Comments

HIV and AIDS can no longer be considered a new disease.  Unfortunately, neither can it be considered rare.  In fact, in certain areas of our country, it is endemic.

As a condition that spread rapidly among the population, which has no known cure, it was important to raise the awareness of the condition as fast as possible.

The challenge of raising awareness was not a simple one.  There was confusion about what the disease was, how and why it was spreading.  There were concerns about the reliability of tests, which gave rise to further suspicion about the syndrome.  In South Africa, the problem of denial of the realities was further compounded by ministerial statements from the government.

This situation further reinforced the need to increase awareness of the facts.  Facts were the key!  Awareness was critical.

In 1991, twelve artists got together to discuss a project that would get people talking about HIV and AIDS.  It was falsely believed that HIV and AIDS was a gay disease.  The artists' purpose was to bring about awareness of this silent, spreading disease.  This was ten years after the emergence of HIV as a dangerous and stigmatized syndrome, affecting millions who were suffering behind closed doors. 

Inspired by the yellow ribbons tied on trees to support the US military who were fighting in the Gulf War, the group chose to design the bold, red ribbon that is worn today, symbolising a passion and a heart of love. The shape was easy for anyone to make and wear.  Within weeks of the red ribbon appearing, world-famous actors started wearing it at high-profile award ceremonies such as the Oscars and it was a short step from there until it was universally recognized as the symbol of sympathy and support of those living with AIDS.

While scientists around the world are active in developing treatment options, you can promote the spread of awareness, wherever you go, without saying a word.  All you will need is a small, red ribbon, recognized the world over for it’s association with HIV and AIDS.

World AIDS day is the 1st of December.  Be sure to be prepared with your ribbon this year.

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