The Meaning of a Name December 08 2016, 0 Comments

How many times does one mention, write or sign their name in a life time? Where does your name appear the most?  Who knows your name?


The purpose of a name is to give you an identity. Some names have well-known meanings such as Peter, from the Greek – Petros – meaning ‘rock’.  A name may be chosen at birth because they represent the nature of the child or possibly the circumstances under which that child was born.  How about June or Joy?  Others may be chosen for aspirational reasons, as a wish for what the child could become, such as Hercules, Faith or Beauty. 

 As we go through life our names are our tags. We boast a name as our address on an envelope or on an item that we possess.  We display it on LinkedIn and Facebook, on office doors and possibly even in the form of a tattoo. As mobile people, we have business cards with our names on it, enabling us to convey who we are and what we do.

 What about forgetting names?  Ever heard it said, “I never forget a face but a name is impossible for me to remember.”  What is a face without a name?  Accordingly, another very useful aid is to wear a name badge.  The name badge is worn like a brooch and can be designed with style, too.  Technology allows us to print name badges in full colour and fine detail, on a number of different materials such as vinyl, aluminium or brass, custom shaped for every customer.  This means that your name badge can be more than your name.  It can be your brand, your designation, your style.  It is a useful introduction as it speaks on your behalf to those around, helping to initiate discussion in your work and social environment, and preventing that awkward moment for your clients when they forget your name!

Have a look for a few different options here.