TENNIS TROPHIES RULE February 22 2017, 0 Comments

Well, today has come around again. While sport is all year round, the great budget speech happened once a year in SA and today is that day.  Let’s be grateful for the relief we get from watching a good tennis match.

Some news: Federer, one of the top four in the men’s singles category, although the oldest in the group is not leaving us just yet.  More trophies ahead, I’d say and more exhilarating playoffs with the younger competitors.  After a six-month layoff owing to injury, he came back to win his eighteenth Grand Slam title in Australia.  And now he has signed a three-year contract with the Swiss In-Door event, which he has won seven times in it’s ten-year history.

Meanwhile, in Doha, Karolina Pliskova showed why she, not Serena Williams or Angelique Kerber, could be the player to beat in 2017, being awarded the ominous trophy depicting a bird of prey. Serena and Angelique, watch out. 

Prestige Awards has a wide range of beautiful trophies to meet your need. In addition to the classical silver cup, of which there are numerous styles, we will design an award for you that meets your trophy specifications.  From motor racing to dancing, sport and academics, and much more.

So, while you may feel that the budget means a further loss, there is always the pleasure of sport and all the glitter that goes with it, including the trophy.