Of Wreaths, Cups and Shields November 26 2016, 0 Comments

Awards are presented in recognition of a job well done.  Unlike in the times of the original Olympic games, where wreaths were given to the winning athletes, today, recognition comes in many forms.  Awards will often symbolize the event with e.g. a soccer figurine or rugby boot and ball.  The name of the participant may appear on the trophy, too, applied through laser etching, scratch engraving or full colour UV printing.

Another popular choice of a symbol for an award is the shield.  These are usually made from a hard wood such as Teak, formed in the shape of a knight's protective shield and adorned with small silver, engraved plaques.  The idea of a shield may have developed from the times when armies captured bounty from fallen men and returned these spoils to their kings or emperors as evidence of victory.  The tradition of displaying our achievements continues today but happily, we have moved from the battle field to the sports field.