My Medal! November 28 2016, 0 Comments

In a few days you may need a medal just for reaching the end of November in one piece. If no one wants to reward you with your well-earned gift, you can select the award of your choice by visiting and still be in time be in time to wear it with pride in December!   (Have a peek at the gifts!)

The year flies by so quickly, especially when you are managing a career, a home maybe while attending school meetings, helping your children earn that certificate that says ‘Well done!’, time for s break.  Take a moment to imagine what you would engrave on your medal this year. What would you like to recognize as your achievements?  How about “I made it!” – make that a Bronze. Or, “Rising Star” – that could be Silver.  What about the Gold category?   We’ll leave that up to you but when you have decided, we’d love to hear from you.   Keep up the good work - 2017 is just around the corner - but with an awful lot inbetween.