Green Field Hockey March 13 2017, 0 Comments

What do Ireland and field hockey have in common?  One quite obvious similarity is the colour of the hockey field - green.   But, before we go too far on that one, it is not always the case.  With the advent of indoor 'field 'hockey, the colour could be an azure blue.

But why even mention Ireland?  It's nearly March 17, the day that the Irish celebrate St Patrick's day, all a-green.  I thought that was good enough reason.  Traditionally, Guinness and all things green are the order of the day but Ireland does have hockey teams, men and women, who bring back the trophies as well!  And, by no coincidence, all dressed in green.

In Ireland, the game is referred to as hockey but in Canada and the USA, it is called field hockey in order to differentiate between the game of ice hockey, which is more popular in those countries.  In Sweden and Norway, it is referred to as 'stick hockey', although the rules remain the same. 

Unlike association football, where the positions of players are well-defined and to some extent, remain that way during play, hockey is more fluid.  Players generally arrange themselves into forwards, mid-fielders and backs, where the forwards are technically attacking positions and the backs are defenders.  However, during play, anyone with the ball is considered to be attacking and anyone of the opposite team who receives the ball, defending, no matter what their nominated position may be.   This dynamic type of play adds excitement and daring to the game.  And on synthetic turf, the ball moves all the faster and never kept in limbo for a second!  Since everyone is a potential attacker, each player needs to remain alert and be on their guard or risk missing the opportunity to score.  And only when one has control of the ball is one likely to score and scoring wins the trophies.


So, whether you are playing sport this week - maybe even hockey - or just celebrating life, give a thought to St Patrick, if for no other reason that he is green and Irish.  And maybe he played hockey, too.

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