GOLD December 12 2016, 0 Comments

What is it about gold that lures one to look, to touch and to own it?  The attraction of this metal was no more obvious than in the year of 1886, when the discovery of gold on a farm in South Africa called Langlaagte lead to the invasion of more than 3000 prospectors along the newly discovered reef in current day Johannesburg.  These men were seeking the rewards of a substance that could neither be eaten to keep them fed, nor burned to keep them warm at night, nor swallowed to alleviate their thirst.  It was a reward of promise and hope that once this gold ore had been processed into an illustrious finished product, it would bring all those things needed for life and leisure.

The race for gold in South Africa did not begin with a starter’s gun but by a chance finding; a gift presented by a harsh earth.  It was a trophy of note, surrendered, not earned.  As we know, most trophies are not handed over without being earned.  The sports trophy, whether gold or silver is fought for, with sweat and blood. So, too, was the enduring race for gold on the reef.  Digging began and more gold was discovered. Plots were cordoned off and claims were laid.  The race intensified and their gain increased.

The gold was secured for it’s beauty and value.  However, it’s worth as a unique metal was not immediately realized.  As a soft, very dense metal, it is malleable.  It can be stretched and be pressed into sheets so thin it allows light to pass through or turned into wire only 20 micrometers thick.  It can be used to beautify anything from bodies to buildings and is useful in many fields of endeavor such as electronics to medicine.

It is said that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  When that rainbow is a racetrack, the gold is waiting for the victor in the form of a medal, a trophy or a certificate.  Gold shouts success and continues to be coveted as the ultimate symbol of achievement!