Certificates November 30 2016, 0 Comments

A certificate is part of everyone’s life - from birth to death.  Preschool, too, may result in a number of certificates, framed for the occasion, followed by all the certificates through our careers that allow us to pass from one level of achievement to the next.  During this season, many learners will be waiting for their certificates of success, which may become the key to the door of the future. 

What is it about a piece of paper that means so much and can open so many doors to success for you?  Of course, it is neither the paper nor the signature, nor the seal or the frame.  It is the fact that it has your name or it!  It speaks of your achievement and the hours of effort and practice that you have spent.  It speaks of having finished the race; not giving up.  It speaks of success and achievement, pride and joy. 

For a moment, imagine that half way through a tough, academic course, you hear that you will receive your marks but there will be no certificate issued. There will be no record to display and no tangible mark of your success but rather just a list of numbers informing you of your achievement, somewhere in the cyber zone.  A goal has disappeared and the game has changed – the immediate accolade is gone.  Your name is missing and you have become a number.   NOW, bring back the certificate, in a smart presentation frame.  Your name appears in bold.  The school or university is as a banner at the top and at the bottom, a signature confirming that “you did it!”.  It’s yours forever and represents your finish flag.  One race is over; the next, about to begin and what's more, no one can take your knowledge away from you.  The certificate stands as a  trophy  of indelible success - yours to keep.