A TREE FOR ALL SEASONS August 25 2017, 0 Comments

One does not need travel very far in Johannesburg before seeing a tree. 

It is reported that there are about 1.8 million trees in the greater Johannesburg area populating parks and pavements, and 4.8 million trees planted in private gardens. 

A tree has been a symbol of life and growth since time immemorial and has been the centre of children’s storiesremember the Magic Faraway Tree, religion–Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and of mythology and folkelore.

Trees live on through hundreds of generations.  Until 2013, the oldest individual tree in the world was Methuselah, a 4,845-year-old pine in California.

There is no doubt that the tree has come to represent many things to many people and nations across the globe, from the Willow in Japan to the Maple in Canada.

What does a tree mean to you?  What does it mean to us?

For us, a tree is a symbol of success and reward.  Hard work and diligent practice deserves an award and what better award than a tree?!  It is synonymous with the journey of achievement.  First, ideas are seeded.  With some nurturing the sapling emerges to strive skyward, resisting winds and torrents, cycling through Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring.  In time, it bears fruit but it never stops growing.  The journey of success is frequently rewarded but it is never done.

The trophy featured below is cut from aluminium in three different sizes, or according to customers’ requirements.  Mounted on a solid black plinth, there is ample room for a plaque or other insignia, where names or logos can be featured to help bring the tree to life.

As with the great Redwoods of California, a unique award allows the recipient to stand tall among peers, recognizing achievement that comes through striving, perseverance and time.

We think you’ll agree.  The tree is a wonderful trophy for all seasons!   

Aluminium Tree