A GOLDEN TROPHY FOR NETBALL April 20 2017, 0 Comments

This month we see the start of the Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League (#BFNPL) and this is the Trophy they will be shooting for!! This custom-designed trophy depicts the three pillars of excellence – tuned body, tuned mind, tuned spirit.  It is slender and tall, symbolic of reaching skyward towards the goals; the path to victory and achievement.  The beautiful netball crowns the golden trophy, supported by the three pillars of excellence which are reminiscent of the players in full stretch for the netted hoops.

The wining team can look forward to owning this trophy, if only for a moment.  Proof that they are tops. This trophy will entice and lure the players to run, throw and shoot all in the name of netball and success and sportsmanship, one of the marks of our beautiful country.  And it promises to be Brutal!